Company overview

Registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and headquartered in eastern Ukraine, Sadovaya Group S.A. is a leading private Ukrainian resources company whose operations are focused on coal mining activities, notably the extraction, recovery, enrichment, and trading of coal. Sadovaya Group is in the midst of a dynamic development phase, targeting an active and responsible expansion in order to capitalise on its established positions on the Ukrainian coal market and its strong export potential.

The group owns and operates two full-cycle underground mine complexes, as well as number of waste dumps and tailings ponds. All production facilities are located in Ukraine’s heavily industrial Donbas region, one of the largest coal basins of the Former Soviet Union. Mining activities are primarily focused on energy coal, notably anthracite grades A and T.

The Company has a total workforce of over 1,800 employees, including miners, mining engineers, managers, coal traders, and other specialists.

Sadovaya Group is dedicated to achieving balanced growth for its shareholders, employees, and business partners, and providing direct benefits to society and the environment.