Safety and environmental issues

Sadovaya Group is dedicated to stick to the highest standards of occupational safety and employee protection. We recognize that the task requires frequent improvements and upgrades, and we are constantly striving to improve safety conditions via technical, technological, and innovative means, as well as by upgrading employee qualification levels, workplace discipline, and employee responsibility.

Strategic labour protection and industrial safety goals:

  • improvement of labour protection and occupational safety levels to meet the highest international standards;
  • providing the necessary conditions for stable operations by compensating for unanticipated losses through hazardous production facility insurance;
  • developing measures and mechanisms to prevent occupational injuries, accidents and incidents.

Industrial safety issues are an integral part of our technical policy. Sadovaya Group has identified the key long-term focus areas with respect to minimizing the risk of emergencies and improving industrial safety. Projects include emergency risk reduction and technical modernization, organizational and technical measures aimed at improving working conditions, sanitary, medical and health provisions. The group’s Action Plan for each subsidiary company is re-examined annually to ensure it is up-to-date and is as accurate as possible.