Coal extraction

Sadovaya Group mines steam coal, which is used in thermal electricity generation, metallurgical, chemical, ferroalloy, glass and other industries.

Sadovaya Group operates two full-cycle mine complexes in Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk Regions – Sadovaya and Rassvet-1 mines, and in March 2011 acquired a license to develop Roskoshniy mine field, natural extension of Sadovaya mine filed. Total underground resources under Group’s ownership currently comprise 43.2 mmt.

Sadovaya mine extracts coal of anthracite type (grade A). Production volumes reached 255 ths. t in 2011. In mid-2012 Sadovaya mine operated 3 longwalls with monthly coal output of up to 27 ths. t in total.

Rassvet-1 mine extracts semi-anthracite type of coal (grade T). Coal output reached 220 ths. t. in 2011. In mid-2012 Rassvet-1 mine operated 2 longwalls with monthly coal output of up to 33 ths. t in total.