Sadovaya Group operates as a system of technologically related companies ensuring business processes continuity in the overall chain from production to sales of coal products.

  • Group operates two mine complexes with full production cycle and project output capabilities of over 1 million tons per year in one of the largest coal basin in the former Soviet Union – Donbass. 2P reserves of the Group under JORC code comprise 51 million tons of coal, according to the geological report prepared by IMC-Montan Consulting Group
  • Construction of Modular Enrichment complex Vahrushevsky was finished in Vahrushevo city Lugansk region in September 2012. The Enrichment Complex with feed capacity of 900 thousand tons per annum is the first out of four enrichment complexes to be built in cooperation with EBRD and is designed to produce coal form waste dumps
  • The company increases coal output, develops new longwalls, modernizes existing facilities

In 2011 the company continued its development path and secured USD 36 mn as project financing from EBRD for development of waste recovery business segment. This project becomes the first of its kind for Ukrainian companies. Group actively increases the output and implements quality and management standards: The Management Company Group Sadovaya LLC (Ukraine) and Trading House – Sadovaya Trading Limited (Cyprus) were incorporated, new longwalls were put into operation at Sadovaya and Rassvet-1 mines.

In March 2011 following its development plan the Group acquired a license to develop Roskoshniy mine field.

In 2009 the Company was actively seeking for financing to develop the coal extraction activity. For the first time the possibility of equity financing was actively considered – a number of financial and legal advisors was engaged to consider private offering of shares of the new issue with listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company conducted audit according to the international accounting standards (IFRS) for the year 2008.

In 2010 the Company decided to conduct initial public offering of newly issued shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In 3Q 2010 the holding company Sadovaya Group S.A. was established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In December 2010 Sadovaya Group S.A . sold 25% of its shares and conducted a listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Sadovaya Group became the first coal mining company with assets in Ukraine listed on the international stock exchange. The IPO of Sadovaya Group opened the coal industry of Ukraine for international investors.

In February 2007 the Company purchased another coal mining enterprise – the mine Rassvet located in Shahterskiy District of Donetsk Region.

Since 2001 Shahta Sadovaya LLC was in talks with the State Property Fund of Ukraine to lease state-run assets that were either in the process of liquidation or had already been liquidated.

In 2002 following a successfully signed lease agreement on state property the new mine Shahta Sadovaya was organised on the base of one of the enterprises of Almaznaya mine complex.

In 2003 the Property complex of Shahta Sadovaya was privatized Shahta Sadovaya became completely private.

Since 2003 simultaneously with underground coal mining the Company developed new activities associated with the extraction of coal from coal mining wastes and coal reprocessing wastes (in general – wastes). Coal extraction from wastes is carried out on the basis of Product company Interdon (Private company Interdon – prior to the reorganization in 2011), which was organized in 1997 and had sufficient experience in the coal market by that time.

In 2003 PC Interdon LLC purchased its’ first waste heap in the city of Vahrushevo, Lugansk region.

The history of Sadovaya Group history began with the foundation of Shahta Sadovaya LLC in 1995, the main company of Sadovaya Group, which, before being renamed, operated under the name Firma Olvin-Trade LLC. The enterprise was registered in the city of Alchevsk Lugansk Region, well known for its large metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises.

Shahta Sadovaya LLC was the founder and laid the basis for the development of underground coal mining activity of Sadovaya Group. Since 1999 Shahta Sadovaya LLC has been deeply involved in the wholesale supply of coal products to power generation companies of Ukraine. Progressively accumulating the experience as coal products supplier in 2000-2001 the Management decided to expand the sphere of its activity in coal industry as a coal producer.