Press releases

11 Feb, 2011

Upgrade of mine locomotive and wagon fleet

Mine locomotive is expected to be supplied to Rassvet-1 mine in mid-February 2011 after major overhaul, this locomotive will be used to enforce the preparation works on the 9th horizon. According to plans, the Rassvet-1 mine will purchase another locomotive in March 2011, which will be involved in works on the 7th horizon.

10 Feb, 2011

Restoration works at Rassvet-1 mine

Restoration works were started at the vertical pit shaft of Rassvet-1 mine, commissioning of a vertical pit shaft is planned for October - November 2011. Vertical pit shaft will reduce the rock winding transport chain, reduce the staff needs and increase the rock winding capacity of the company. Restoration works were also started at the belt conveyor line for coal drawing from the 9th horizon of Rassvet-1 mine, commissioning of the conveyor is expected in August 2011.

8 Feb, 2011

k7н coal-seam bared at Sadovaya mine

K7н coal-seam was bared at Sadovaya mine in January 2010, which will enable the company to go ahead of planned schedule and put into operation a new longwall in k7н coal-seam to increase the volume of produced coal. Launch of new longwall is planned for May 2011, seam thickness - 1.3 meters, coal reserves in the longwall – 300 ths. tons, the longwall will be able to produce up to 9000 tons of coal per month or up to 108 ths. tons per year.

7 Feb, 2011

Sadovaya Group S.A. outperforms sales forecast for 2010

According to preliminary data, Sadovaya Group S.A. sales amounted to 905 thousand tons of coal in 2010, which exceeded the forecast by 10.8%. 278.5 thousand tons were mined at Sadovaya and Rassvet-1 mines, 13.5 thousand tons were recovered from coal wastes and additional 613 thousand tons were processed and enriched on Сompany production sites.

3 Feb, 2011

Appointments at the mines of Sadovaya Group S.A.

A new director, Vladimir Denisov, was appointed at the mine Rassvet-1 on the 5th of January, 2011. Mr. Denisov has years of experience in the coal industry - Vladimir Ivanovych began his career in 1976 and held various executive positions from the overmaster to the director of coal companies association in such state companies as Voroshilovgradugol, Arktikugol, Krasnodonugol, Luganskugol, Antracyt. For the 20 years of Ukrainian independence only 2 new mines were put into operation and Mr. Denisov completed construction and commissioned one of them - Samsonovskaya Zapadnaya mine. Vladimir Ivanovich was awarded with “Miner’s Glory” honour mark of the 3rd degree.

30 Dec, 2010
1 Dec, 2010

Sadovaya Group S.A. publishes prospectus


Kiev, Luxembourg, and Warsaw
1 December 2010

Sadovaya Group S.A. publishes prospectus

29 Nov, 2010

Sadovaya Group S.A. announces intention to conduct Initial Public Offering and list on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Kyiv, Luxembourg, Warsaw
29th November 2010

Sadovaya Group S.A. announces intention to conduct Initial Public Offering and list on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.